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Flower Spinning and Crepe Paper

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So I saw this idea posted on (my new favorite site… but another place and another time) where you could make roses out of  crepe paper. But I didn’t want to paste them onto the styrofoam balls that the example showed. Instead, I wanted to paste them spelling out my little girl’s name onto canvas.

I have just been keeping the spun roses in a container, so tonight I painted the canvasses white (they were green, and hanging in my living room) and I glued the roses that I had done onto one of the canvasses.  It takes me FOREVER to spin the roses and thank goodness for hot glue guns or I think they would fall apart. One letter partially done, three more to go (plus the one that is partially done). Its just so cute I might just continue as now I am realizing my short time to complete all these various projects I want to complete (5 weeks until my due date).

I need to buy more crepe paper and more hot glue sticks then focus time on spinning roses. I think I decided to have the letters be made from colored crepe paper and the rest with the white.  Though I still have time to change my mind between now and the time that I go to the store for more crepe paper.

Richard suggested that I just glue the roses to form the words onto the canvas. But I love, love, love the texture that the background gives as well. Unfortunately, I seriously thought I would have more than just this many. Guess I had better get back to work.

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